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Our business development services include:

  • Feasibility Studies: Technical and Economic
  • Project Identification and Cost Estimation
  • Technology Evaluation, Marketing, and Royalty Negotiation
  • Proposal Development
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Assistance
  • Business and Marketing Strategy and Market Development

Selected Projects:

Performed strategic analysis of refinery light gas upgrading hardware options, including new cumene technologies, alkylation and poly unit expansions, and polymer and refinery grade propylene manufacture. Team recommendations approved, $20 million construction completed and in operation.

Evaluated options and prepared preliminary design for $100 million ethylene glycol facility to convert existing Gulf Coast facility ethylene to EG.

Evaluated Russian refinery for capital investment purposes. Worked with refinery technical and business personnel and examined revamp options in light of feedstock sources and regional product markets directions.

Evaluated the economics of production of high grade asphalt, lubes, and wax from Utah crude and tar sands based on western US marketing and transportation scheme. Prepared designs and evaluated $50-150 million grass roots options.

Evaluated novel biological technologies for gasoline and diesel desulfurization, denitrification, and dearomatization. In-depth analysis incorporated technology testing, computer modeling, process design, and capital and operating economics.

Evaluated technical potential and specific business fit of a novel microwave technology in treating key process streams to remove metals, nitrogen and sulfur.

Advocated and navigated the termination of aromatic purification project based on unsuitable technology under imminent licensing consideration by company management. Savings > $1 million.

Evaluated third party proposal to use Gulf Stream thermal and motive energy for electricity generation.


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