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We provide the following technical services to the refining and allied industries:

  • Process Analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Process Optimization
  • Technical Training

Selected Projects:

Revamped complex computer model of refinery operations and crude/products economics. Used to advise US and foreign clients on operations, transportation, and trading options.

Facilitated multi-party effort on removing H2S from a key, low cost African crude thereby allowing it's delivery to a US refinery in a sensitive location.

Developed and spearheaded implementation of first systematic performance metrics at site. Used as model for implementation by other departments.

Provided FCC technical support (including on-site testing, computer modeling, vendor and external testing coordination) to refineries in Middle East, Japan, Europe, Australia, and US resulting in operational improvements and catalyst cost savings.

Steered joint corporate/refinery committee responsible for analyzing, recommending, and implementing FCC operating and capital options. Realized benefit in excess of $1 million.

Implemented desktop computer application module at refinery allowing low-risk FCC optimization tests. Trained personnel in use and troubleshooting.


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