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Our services include:

  • Proposal development
  • Process Design
  • Project Development,
    Management, and Control
Selected Projects:

Co-led conceptual design of $500 million grass roots South American refinery. Jointly with a multi-company team developed all designs, schedules, operating and capital economics.

Prepared technical proposal and business case for FCC hardware revamp (including regenerator internals, feed nozzle, and slide valves), and navigated $4 million project through Board approval. Key liaison during design, execution, and troubleshooting. Implemented successfully with a two-year payout.

Member of team which developed refinery FCC hardware retrofits for improved stripper operations and increased gasoline production. Successfully implemented at multiple locations.

Developed proposals for performing technical surveys of FCC unit operations (reactor, regenerator, stripper) and led team in performing the surveys.

Co-invented step-out zeolitic process technology for manufacture of isobutylene, a key petrochemical feedstock. Led R&D project, and participated in commercialization joint venture.



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