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GTL e CTL: Trend e Prospettive  
Rahmim Joins XTL & DME Institute as Director
North America and GTL: Finally a Match?
Realities of GTL Base Oils - Costs, Supplies, Pricing, and Impact
GTL in the XTL Context SMi 2010
Promising Outlook for Products from Gas-to-Liquids Technology—Natural Gas & Electricity Magazine
How will Climate Change and CO2 Mitigation Policy Affect Your Refinery?
GTL Products SMi 2009 London
E-MetaVenture Joins Franklin Mining on GTL Project
Special Report GTL CTL finding roles in global energy supply
The Potential Contribution of Coal-to-Liquids Technology to the US and Global Energy Pool
Coal-to-Liquids: Technology, Commercialization, and Potential Contribution to US and Global Energy Pool
GTL and CTL Commercialization: Status and Impact on Global and Regional Product Markets
GTL Technology and its Potential Impact on the Global Energy Markets
Potential Impact of GTL Commercialization on the Fuels and Specialty Product Markets
The Effect of GTL Commercialization on Fuels and Specialty Products Markets

Special Report: GTL Prospects

The Promises and Limitations of Gas-to-Liquids Technology
Gas-to-Liquid Technologies: Recent Advances, Economics, Prospects
Solve the Five Most Common FCC Problems


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